• Japan International Hospitals Inviting International Patients
    from the World
  • Comprehensive Medical Care Medical Team with Sense of Mission
    and Wealth of Experience
  • Advanced Medical Technologies Customized and Less-invasive Treatment
    with Advanced Medical Devices
  • Japanese Hospitality Warm Interaction with Authentic
    Compassion and Personal Attention
  • Japan International Hospitals
    Japan International Hospitals
    Japan International Hospitals (JIH) system is an initiative to provide the information useful to international patients on hospitals in Japan where they may receive medical services, and information on travel assistances to help them. Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ) assesses a hospital from aspects of not only the quality and safety of medical services, but also system and efforts of hospital to accept international patients, and then recommends the hospital that has met the criteria. MEJ also provides the list of recommended hospitals and the information on their medical services.
  • Japanese Medical Excellence
    Japanese Medical Services
    Japanese medical services, which support healthy lives and longevities of peoples, have the significant features such as comprehensive medical treatment by professional team-based approach, various minimally invasive treatments, and hospitality with compassionate and attentive correspondence. The patient-friendly medical services are provided to all patients covered by Japanese health insurance system. On the other hand, Japanese health insurance system does not cover non-Japanese patients coming to Japan as they have not paid the premiums. Their medical expenses will be higher than the amount paid by the insured patients.
  • Medical Travel Assistance
    Medical Travel Assistance
    For medical travel to Japan, various preparations are necessary, such as visa applications for medical stays, booking travel tickets and hotels, and arrangements for transportations and interpreters. Medical travel assistance companies that provide various support services are able to help patients coming to Japan. However, the contents and qualities of support services provided by each company are different. Therefore, MEJ recommends our Accredited Medical Travel Assistance Company (AMTAC) that provides high-quality and comprehensive assistance services including logistic support up to return home.