• Japan International Hospitals Inviting International Patients
    from the World
  • Comprehensive Medical Care Medical Team with Sense of Mission
    and Wealth of Experience
  • Advanced Medical Technologies Customized and Less-invasive Treatment
    with Advanced Medical Devices
  • Japanese Hospitality Warm Interaction with Authentic
    Compassion and Personal Attention
  • Japan International Hospitals
    Japan International Hospitals offer highly attentive medical care and advanced medical treatment to international patients who are seeking diagnosis and treatment in Japan. These hospitals have satisfied all the requirements of Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ) and have been successfully recommended for the Japan International Hospitals. Before coming to Japan to receive medical treatment, you are expected to find your desired hospital and contact the hospital with appropriate medical travel assistance services.
  • Medical Travel Assistance
    Japan's medical travel assistance companies provide various medical travel support services for international patients and accompanying families. MEJ recommends Accredited Medical Travel Assistance Company (AMTAC), which has satisfied all the requirements of MEJ. The services include consultation about suitable hospitals and medical travel expenses, arrangements of visa and transportation tickets, medical interpretation, and suitable aftercare.